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I'm a writer and editor based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania whose recent interests include Appalachian history, especially that of its women residents, Forest County and the PA Wilds, conservation and forest stewardship, parenting, and art on paper, particularly correspondence art. I am honored to be the recipient of a 2022 Curious Creators Grant and the winner of the Five South Spring 2022 poetry contest. I'm also the Engagement Editor at Belt Magazine.

Read samples of my recent work below. Work has recently appeared in the Rubbertop ReviewSheila-na-Gig online, San Pedro River Review, The Watershed Journal, Impost, Peregrine, North/South Appalachia, and the Bluestone Review, and is forthcoming in Women SpeakOrca, a Literary Journal, Northern Appalachia Review, and Dinner Bell. My articles about parenting have recently appeared on YMC.ca and Her View From Home.

My work was also included in the Sidewalk Poetry Project in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Find my words on Fifth Avenue!

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Five South

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"The Guts of '80s Kids"
Maudlin House

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"In a Name"
Bluestone Review


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